Collection Service

Your Choice for Medical Waste Collection and Disposal

Entech is a fully licensed and insured hauler of regulated medical waste.  We operate our own processing facility located in Anchorage and not only meet, but exceed, all federal, state, and local standards. The treatment of medical waste, in our case a steam sterilization and maceration technology, constitutes a method for rendering materials non-infectious prior to disposal in our landfill. Our processing capabilities guarantee complete sterilization of treated wastes, reduce environmental impacts of this material, while limiting potential HIPAA liabilities through maceration.  Furthermore, our energy efficient treatment process generates no odors or pollutants of any kind which helps us to be a good neighbor in our community.

Serving the Southcentral Alaska through Regular Collection Schedules

Entech is able to meet any collection schedule or on demand pick-up that best meets the needs of our customers through a variety of reusable tote sizes.  All containers are replaced and sterilized with each service which eliminates unsightly and soiled boxes while reducing odors, improving cleanliness, and creating a healthier option for your practice.  Available tote sizes include 18-gallons, 28-gallons, 38-gallons, 48-gallons, and 96-gallon roll carts.  All of Entech’s medical waste containers are OSHA and DOT tested and approved.  These containers are leak-proof, tamper-proof, puncture resistant, spill-proof, and reusable.

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18 Gallon Medical Waste Collection Container

18 Gallon

28 Gallon Medical Waste Collection Container

28 Gallon

38 Gallon Medical Waste Collection Container

38 Gallon

38 Gallon Medical Waste Collection Container

48 Gallon

96 Gallon Medical Waste Collection Container

96 Gallon

Improving Customer Service through Technology

Entech utilizes the latest technology across its operations to drive out unnecessary costs and reduce environmental impacts, while simultaneously improving visibility of the waste management process.  As one example, all customers are given access to an online portal which provides account histories, transportation and treatment manifests, service requests, bill payments, and more. This portal also ensures that records are always available to our customers to meet responsibilities under EPA and Joint Commission directives.  This feature greatly reduces our customer’s need to manage the paperwork associated with regulated medical waste and can be a helpful resource in reducing the volume of wastes generated at our customers’ facilities.