Medical Waste Mail Back Systems

A Compliant and Cost Effective Solution for Rural Alaska

Entech’s mail back systems provide a fully compliant, cost-effective, and convenient solution for the disposal of regulated medical wastes for Alaska generators outside of our regular collection area.  Entech offers a variety of mail back systems which utilize the USPS for the shipment of medical wastes from generators’ locations to our facility in Anchorage.  Generators are able to utilize our mail back systems to safely and compliantly ship sharps, red bag, and amalgam wastes from any location in Alaska through a variety of different solutions.

Due to our Alaska based operations, our mail back systems offer significantly greater value and lower costs by comparison to national vendors for Alaskan healthcare practices.  Visit our store to find and purchase the mail back kit that best meets your requirements.

Utilizing Entech’s Mail Back Service


To utilize our return mail service, customers first purchase a complete system from Entech. The price of this system includes the system itself and all associated return postage.  When the system is received, generators place general biomedical wastes and full sharps containers inside of the primary container.  Once filled, customers then package the waste per the included instructions and deliver to any USPS facility for return shipment.

Received mail back systems are processed according to Entech’s standard operating procedures and in accordance with all federal, state, and local regulations.  A destruction manifest will be created for your records and added to your online account after wastes are processed.  Return mail customers also have the ability to have new systems automatically sent out to them upon the receipt of full containers.  This provides rural healthcare providers an opportunity to eliminate inventory management and further reduce the efforts associated with compliant medical waste treatment and disposal.

Learn more about the in’s and out’s of mailback medical waste disposal on Entech’s blog.

Independently Tested and Approved


Our mail-back kits are both independently tested and authorized for use through the USPS network. This is documented through a unique authorization number issued by the USPS which is prominently displayed on the exterior of our kits. If you cannot locate an USPS authorization number on the exterior shipping container for your medical waste disposal system, you are not utilizing an authorized solution.

Be aware that the use of any mail back solution without a specific USPS authorization presents safety, public health, and financial liabilities for both generators and the general population due to the potential exposure of infectious wastes.  Per Title 18, United States Code, and Section 1716, Injurious Articles as Nonmailable, full responsibility rests with mailer for any violation of which may result from placing nonmailable items in the mail or use of non-authorized solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Entech’s mailback service is a legal and compliant solution for the disposal of your sharps through the USPS.  Entecha is the only Alaska medical waste service provider to offer USPS-authorized solutions.  This is documented through unique authorization numbers printed on each system offered through Entech.  If you cannot clearly identify a USPS-authorization on the packaging supplied by an authorized vendor, your system is not legally allowed to transported via USPS and, consequently, your practice maintains full liability for its use.

Individual sharps, like needles and syringes, as well as other used healthcare materials, may be disposed of in our smaller systems. Collection containers over 3 gallons may not contain loose sharps per USPS regulation, however, larger collection containers offered through Entech are designed to hold several smaller collection containers and general biomedical wastes. Larger systems (5-28 gallons) may fit your practice’s needs better if you generate both sharps and soft medical wastes requiring treatment. If utilizing a larger system for medical waste and sharps, you must first secure all sharps in a container under 3 gallons, then place those containers into the larger collection container system for disposal.

Yes.  All collection container systems have weight limits which are listed on the front of the box. If your system exceeds the amount listed on the front of the box, additional fees for pickup and disposal may apply.

Every system offered by Entech is shipped with a unique tracking numbers regarding shipping and manifest management to provide full visibility into shipping and treatment information.  Also included with each system is a waste tracking manifest. This manifest is preprinted with your facility’s information, however, will need to be signed prior to return shipment. Once your wastes are received at Entech, the manifest is signed by our representatives to confirm that your waste has been properly treated. This manifest receipt will then be emailed and digitally stored  in your online account.

The price shown next to each product is the all-inclusive price. This includes the costs for all outbound and return shipping along with waste treatment/disposal for all offered systems.  In addition all mailback customers receive complementary access to our online account management system to access treatment records as required 24/7/365.  Entech is the only service provider in Alaska with these capabilities.

Any FDA-approved sharps container 3 gallons and under can be stored inside of Entech’s larger (5- 8- 18- and 28-gallon) systems.  If you purchased any of our smaller systems under 3 gallons in capacity, these should be returned together using the pre-paid return shipping box that is included with each system.