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Entech provides secure, 24/7 access to your account records including manifest documents, scheduling information, compliance training, and more.  Access the appropriate portal for your service below.

Customer Portal

Mail Back Portal


Utilize this portal to access Compliance Training and to obtain information regarding your collection and treatment manifests.

If you utilize our mail back systems for disposal, access tracking information and treatment manifests through this portal.

Medical Waste Management Guide

Managing medical wastes at any practice can be complicated due to the number of safety concerns and regulations that exist.

Download our medical waste management guide to support best practices and ensure your staff has the tools available to manage regulated wastes!

Compliance Quick Guide

Need a quick overview of the OSHA, HIPAA, and DOT requirements for your practice?

Download our compliance quick guide for answers to the most common questions about regulatory compliance in an easy to read, easy to understand format

Medical Waste Segregation Poster

The most effective strategy in reducing medical waste volumes at any practice involves proper segregation. Download our waste segregation chart to help communicate what should and should not go into your red bag.

Biohazard Signage

Alaska medical waste disposal

Medical waste containers and storage areas must be marked per OSHA standards to specifically include the biohazard symbol and “Biohazard” text.  Download compliant biohazard signage to support proper identification and to keep your practice in compliance with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standards.

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Poster

Keep your staff informed of the basics regarding OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.  Download an informational poster to help keep your staff informed and safe.

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If you are need of a one-time will call collection, request service through the button below.  Your practice will be added to the next available opening.

Medical Waste Acceptance Policy

RMW Collection Totes

Entech’s medical waste acceptance policy ensures compliance with all current regulations regarding the collection, transportation, and treatment of regulated medical waste to protect all individuals who may have some contact with generated materials.  Review our acceptance policy here.

Customer Referrals

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve customers statewide through regular collection activities in south central or through our USPS-authorized medical waste mail back solutions.  If a regular collection customer, you can earn referral bonuses for any new customer we are able to obtain through your recommendation.  Learn more here.

Entech Blog

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Information about medical waste management including regulatory information, best practices, and strategies for reducing wastes at your facility.  Read the latest posts here.