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We are grateful for the opportunity to serve customers statewide through regular collection activities in south central or through our USPS authorized medical waste mail back solutions.  We would appreciate your feedback through consideration of the options below:

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If a regular collection customer, you can earn referral bonuses for any new customer we are able to obtain through your recommendation.  If you would like to further reduce disposal costs at your practice, please inform your contacts of our services.  A short email message that could be used for this purpose can be copied below.

RE: Medical Waste Disposal Services

Dear [Contact],

We recently began working with Envirolaska for our medical waste collection and disposal and have been happy with their work.  I thought you might also benefit from considering their services and wanted to share information with you.

Envirolaska is Alaskan owned and operated and offers a new option for cost effective, compliant, and environmentally focused medical waste disposal.  In addition to their regular collection activity, the company provides online compliance training and USPS authorized medical waste return mail solutions.

Envirolaska is able to provide you with a no obligation quote should you have interest in considering them.  If so, please communicate that I recommended you.  Envirolaska has a referral bonus program which you too would be able to utilize should you end up working with them for medical waste services.

You can connect with Envirolaska through the information below:
Envirolaska, LLC



Tel: (800) 960-7253
Best regards,