It seems counter intuitive, but has your medical waste service provider ever made efforts to help you with medical waste reduction at your practice?  Chances are your current provider hasn’t and that is largely because the more waste you generate, the more your current provider is able to charge.

Many practices increase their medical waste disposal costs unnecessarily simply by adding materials that are non-infectious such as food, paper, and other non-hazardous materials into their medical waste bins.  In actuality, the ability to achieve medical waste reduction at your practice has more to do with proper segregation than it does with eliminating total volumes of wastes produced.  This is important due to fact that the treatment of regulated medical wastes is considerably more expensive to dispose and carriers a much higher level of liability by comparison to general non-regulated solid wastes.

At Entech, we operate differently through our efforts to help our customers minimize both their costs (segregation) and their impact on the environment (technology utilized).  Through this partnership approach, we work to build long term relationships by helping our customers reduce the volumes of non-hazardous wastes included in their medical waste stream.

In addition to providing guidance on the materials that should and should not be included in your medical waste container for treatment, Entech is able to support customers through tailored medical waste audits that are specific to your practice.

The process is relatively straight forward and involves the following activity:

  • Step 1: Your medical waste stream is audited to estimate a percentage of your current waste is actually non-hazardous waste. Then we quantify your potential savings through a medical waste reduction analysis.
  • Step 2: We educate your staff on proper medical waste disposal, so that everyone has the knowledge needed to reduce your medical waste.
  • Step 3: We implement an action plan that includes written policies, effective signage, and proper container placement.

Keep in mind that every practice is unique based on their specific health care activities and the different wastes that they may be generating from them.  It is in each practice’s interest to follow good segregation activities to help minimize medical waste volumes.  Medical waste reduction is possible even while maintaining the highest levels of safety and compliance.

Take the first step with medical waste reduction at your practice and schedule your free medical waste audit by contacting Entech today.