When communicating with customers about medical waste services, one of the first questions that is always asked is “What is disposal service going to cost?”.  This is obviously an important consideration of any purchase decision and the answer depends on different factors which involve the frequency of service, volume of wastes disposed of, and the specific materials that will be offered for treatment and disposal.

Once these details have been determined, they are documented in a service agreement which, beyond being part of good business practice, offers a number of benefits for all involved with the management of regulated medical wastes.  Specific to our customers’ interests, service agreements offer the following benefits:

  • Clarification and documentation of roles and responsibilities
  • Ability to lock in pricing over agreement term
  • Ability to lock in offered incentives
  • Protection of liabilities for involved parties

Executing a service agreement with your provider not only clearly defines the scope of services offered, but also outlines responsibilities of each party. It protects you legally while also identifying the type of liabilities and insurance protection you’ll have in case an accident should ever occur.  Remember, as a generator of hazardous wastes, your practice shares joint and serval responsibilities with your chosen provider.  Thus, it is important for you to have some terms and conditions which clearly communicate responsibilities.

Of additional importance, a service agreement protects the pricing you have been offered.   For agreements that have a longer term, you have the ability to establish a price that can be accounted for in future budgets while eliminating any surprise increases.

In addition to pricing, service agreements with Entech outline several important items:

  • Date when the agreement was created
  • Location of where the material will be collected and any special service details (collection frequency, contact, available service days, utilized waste containment, etc.)
  • Payment terms and conditions and length of the contract
  • Regulatory compliance and clarification of associated responsibilities
  • Customer warranties
  • Explanation of how services can be terminated

It’s good business to communicate roles and responsibilities on paper with any utilized service for your own protection. This certainly extends to roles and responsibilities involving the management of regulated medical wastes generated at your practice.  A service agreement, signed by both parties, helps to ensure that liabilities are minimized and that your service will be executed as outlined.

For more information on how Entech can help minimize both your liabilities and medical wastes disposal costs, contact us today for a no-obligation service quote!